Zbigniew Libera, Jerzy Truszkowski – Sternenhoch, 1986. Vintage print. Gelatin silver print on photographic paper. Dimensions: 18 x 13 cm.


„17th October 1985 saw Jerzy Truszkowski’s performance Hysteria of Philosophy or How to Masturbate with a Hammer at Warsaw’s Galeria Stodoła, featuring Libera, Irena Jagiełka and Barbara Konopka. The event marks the beginning of their band Sternenhoch, which borrowed its name from the title of the book Sufferings of Prince Sternenhoch” by Ladislav Klima.

The makeup of the band was not firmly fixed. Libera played bass, electric guitars and piano, Truszkowski did the vocals. Also active were Barbara Konopka (electric viola), Ryszard Idziak (drums), Barbara Wysocka (bass guitar and vocals), Anna “Mirosawa” Nowak (vocals) and Jacek Rydecki.

Truszkowski noted ten concerts of the band between October 1985 and September 1988. “Though we did a cover of Coltrane called ‘Love Supreme’, we were mainly inspired by post-industrial punk, e.g. DAF,” recalls Libera”  – https://artmuseum.pl/en/filmoteka/praca/libera-zbigniew-syfilityczny-dotyk-suki-sternenhoch-w-lublinie

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